Who We Are

Raised in Oklahoma

Sisters from a Small Town

Renovators of an Old House

 Second Half-of-Life

We are sisters with a long family history in Pawhuska.

Although we grew up down the road in Bartlesville,

we spent a lot of time in Pawhuska with our grandparents.

Not only our grandparents,

but also our great-grandparents

lived in Pawhuska, and

our parents were married here.

For us, the fourth generation,

we had been away a long time

when we returned to Pawhuska a few years ago.

After our visit,

Pawhuska was calling us back.

We just couldn't shake the feeling

we needed to come home.

So here we are

on a wonderfully unexpected journey

back to our roots.

We are coming home.


403 East 7th Street  |  info@oilmansdaughter.com   |   Pawhuska, Oklahoma

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